The purpose of this article is combining some of the visible world-wide trends and highlighting these trends to the North American market. The author hopes it will help companies and individuals in the meat industry to discover new ways of producing healthy, wholesome protein products in an efficient and ethical manner.

The butcher trade has very good prospects of growing their market share. The key is to adapt to fast changing consumer behaviors, redesign of stores, professional branding and to take onboard technological advances, which help to lower costs or improve product and services. Emphasis should also be on training and retaining employees for future growth.

In the last decade traditional supermarkets have lost 15% of market share. The forecast is that they will lose another 3% by 2018. The stores who will gain shares are convenience stores, dollar stores, fresh format and non-traditional grocers

We will first show some worldwide food trends and then talk about some new store trends.


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North American Craft Butchery Store Trends, Opportunities and Challenges...